Monday, March 2, 2009

Wow a Whole Month Went By!

Wow you would have thought I won a prize for not posting a whole month! Well, I didn't. I have been really busy. We are in escrow on a house and there is a lot to do as it is a fixer upper! Lowes and Home Depot have become our friends. I have to start back posting something... anything just to relax. I just finished watching tonight's episode of 24. It was a 2 hour event that I forgot was 2 hours. Where were we during hour 1?? Home Depot! Of course! Got back about 20 minutes before hour 2 (or what we thought was hour 1). It was really good tonight! Anyone else watch 24??

I have drawings, design plans, etc in my purse and a tape measure, go figure! Exciting times, none the less. I'm really looking forward to moving, but not packing everything up!

Hope everyone is doing great! Happy March!!

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