Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bored In The Kitchen?

I mentioned in the post below that I plan out dinner meals two weeks at a time. This was a long time coming, let me tell you! Before I started doing that, I had about 7 meals that I cooked and rotated constantly! Nothing fancy - tacos, hot dogs, burgers, meat loaf, pork chops... you get the picture. Sounds good, right? But, over and over again? Wrong!

My brave and handsome husband suggested that I make NEW meals instead of having the same thing over and over again. Um, slightly insulted, slightly embarrassed. I decided to go on line and also really look at the cookbooks I had. Thank god for meals.com! Very impressed with the recipes. I know how to cook, but when you put together one part lazy, one part tired, one part stubborn and one part, well I don't know what else, but anyway it didn't turn out good.

I looked for meals and saved them on the meals.com website. I printed them out, punched holes in them and kept them in a three ring binder. The binder, 3 years later? It's not pretty, but it's mine! :)

I have dinners, desserts and snacks in the binder. I love the web! I also go to pillsbury.com (they have great ideas for Superbowl) and bettycrocker.com (they have printable coupons) for inspiration. If you guys are bored with your meals, try those websites, they're awesome! Not to mention the foodnetwork.com (gotta love Paula Deen!). They have easy recipes and reviews. Don't forget to sign up (it's free) so you can save any recipes you have in a "recipe box" on the sites.

Let me know what you think?

Next post I'll talk about how I conquered my grocery list fear!


  1. I have the same problem. I will have to go check out that site.

    Karen aka marrid66

    Here On Columbia Avenue

    Da Boss And Bryguy

    4 Cats Make Me Crazy!

  2. I think if I go to those sites I will surely gain weight! Reading your post made me hungry. My late husband used to go to The Food Network site.

    I will remember some of those for future reference in case I ever get a serious boyfriend that I want to impress. If "V" ever calls even though I didn't do "it" with him, maybe I'll go to one of those sites and find something to make him. lol.

    Weeping Widow

  3. Try allrecipes.com or cooks.com also!

    They have really good recipes and if you have an iTouch/iPhone, there is an application for allrecipes.com called a Dinner Spinner!

    It has several categories, ingredients, and times, and it spins them with a shake of the device and you can view matches on the mobile version of the website, favorite them, or email them to yourself or someone else!

    I use it all the time!